the jorno keyboardIf you’re like us, you make lots of mistakes typing on your phone. The new “Jorno” may be the best Bluetooth keyboard yet. It connects wirelessly to your phone and comes in a handy carrying case with a microfiber lining to grab onto any dust. The case folds up to become a stand. Rest your phone on it, unfold the keyboard and you’re ready to type.

The keyboard isn’t full-sized, but it’s roomy compared to any iPhone or Android keyboard. When folded up and inside its case, it’s only six inches by four inches. Before needing a recharge, the battery will last through 82 hours of continuous typing or 220 days on standby. This might make a good gift for a student going off to college, or for people who answer all their email on their phones. It’s $99 at JornoStore.com.

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