cherry keyboardWe gave away our $180 Cherry Corp keyboard, the one that automatically encrypts everything you type, for one simple reason: it didn’t have a mute button!

It was more important to Joy to be able to quickly mute obnoxious or loud sounds from her computer than to encrypt whatever she was writing. (Frankly, nothing we write needs to be secret.)  What’s nice about a “mute” button is you only have to reach over and strike it. Laptop keyboards often have a mute button but desktop computers often don’t.

So we blew $15 on a new Adesso keyboard called the ” EasyTouch 132.”  Besides “mute,” it has single buttons to open a search function, open File Explorer (what used to be called “My Computer.”), open your media player and an envelope button that opens your email. For fifteen bucks it’s hard to see how anybody makes money on keyboards.

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