musicWe overheard one of the best tech conversations ever from two guys who were cleaning our carpet. They debated the merits of just about every new gadget out there, and then went on to music creation. One of them was an amateur music producer, so we listened carefully when he said he uses “Ableton”  music software. We immediately tried the 30-day free trial version from (We didn’t have to give them our credit card number.)

What’s different about this software is what they call “session” view. While you’re writing a song, you can have stacks of audio clips, everything from a few notes to a whole song. Start and stop one of those and it stays in sync with the others. This makes it possible to compose new music in the middle of a concert. As with most music software, you can connect your digital piano through a controller to add your own songs into the mix.

The Ableton website gives you a huge variety of samples from experts, in a range of music styles. We listened to classical works being “electrified,” for example – given that electronic synthesizer sound. The software reminds us of similar offerings from Cakewalk. There’s definitely a learning curve involved so don’t expect instant gratification.

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