lollipopAfter we temporarily lost our cell phone, we added a lock code. Now, no one can get in unless they know the code, but it’s frustrating to have to type it in every time the screen goes dark, which happens in just one minute of idleness. ¬†With the new Lollipop operating system, available on phones with Android 5.0, the phone is more responsive to your environment.

A new “Smart Lock” lets your phone stay unlocked as long as you are carrying it or using it in your car or home. To set it up on the Nexus 6 and similar phones, tap “Settings,” then “Personal,” and finally “Security.” Under “Advanced,” tap “Trust agents,” and turn on Smart Lock.

Besides the Nexus, Lollipop, or Android 5.0, can be found on Galaxy S5 phones and is coming in the next few weeks to the Galaxy Note 4, Galaxy Note Edge, LG G3, Motorola Droid Ultra, Droid Maxx, Droid Mini, HTC, OnePlus, Asus ZenPhone 4, 5, and 6, and the Nvidia Shield Tablet.

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