pronto remoteWe felt like we had been dropped back to 1960 when we temporarily lost our TV’s remote control. On modern TVs, it’s difficult to find the volume control – or any controls for that matter. A gizmo called “Pronto” could have saved our bacon. (Which after all that time trying to find the controls, was burning in the oven.)

Pronto is a $60 palm-sized device from BestBuy.com. The “Peel” app offers suggestions based on your viewing habits. It will show you what shows people are buzzing about on Twitter and give you a personalized TV guide.

Pronto turns your iPhone or iPod Touch into a universal remote, to control TVs, DVDs, and set-top boxes. You don’t have to search for the right remote to switch from a DVD to TV. Also: use it to shut off the TV from the kitchen if the kids won’t stop watching.

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