keyboardHow’s this for perking up your paranoia: 45 percent of employers monitor every keystroke typed by their employees — email, web browsing, chat, sports results, you name it, according to a survey from the American Management Association.  That’s nearly half!  If only the workers could use an encrypted keyboard.


We had never heard of such a thing until sent us the “Cherry Unlimited AES” for review. It’s expensive, starting at $181, but it masks everything you type. This could be real handy on your travels or even at home. Keyloggers — the boss, and other bad guys, can’t see a single thing you do. (We had trouble finding this for sale, by the way, but finally made contact at

We’re trying out the wired version but there’s also a wireless version and both come with a mouse. The keyboard has four dedicated buttons. One fires up a calculator, another starts your email, a third takes you to the web, and a fourth puts the computer in sleep mode. The wireless keyboard can control a computer up to 32 feet away. The company says keyboard is expected to last for 10 million key strokes, the mouse for  45,000 hours. (Dang, we were hoping for 11 million keystrokes.) Cherry Corp. also sells a keyboard with an integrated card reader, for debit and credit card transactions.


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