3_androidIt’s not just computers that slow down, Android phones do too.

A free app called “Droid Optimizer” from Ashampoo.com made our apps open a few seconds faster, and it has a lot of other features too.

The Optimizer’s one-touch speed up button that gave us almost double the “RAM,” (random access memory) we had before. (If RAM is low, the phone can’t hold on to many things at once.) The app manager uninstalled apps we didn’t need any more — 47 of them! An “auto cleanup” got rid of junk files.

This app’s “privacy adviser” warns you about what kind of information your apps are accessing but the warnings border on hysteria. It labeled 15 apps “suspicious,” but when we looked at the details, it was all stuff the app needed in order to work. For example, Microsoft Outlook was labeled “suspicious” because it could read our contact list. Well that’s what it’s for, folks. We ignored the warning.

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