3d printed headIf you wondered what 3D printing is really good for, get “Fabricated,” a new book by Hod Lipson and Melba Kurman.

The book opens with a day in the not-too distant future when “Deluxe food cartridges” print a celebratory dinner with fresh tuna steaks, couscous and a wildly-swirling chocolate cake that has a different picture on every slice. In the day’s news: a mining disaster is averted when 3D printers make replacement parts. Your next-door neighbor lives in an eco-friendly “Foam Home,” with weather-sensing walls. Your other neighbor died after purchasing “vanity body parts” from a guy who wasn’t careful about cleanliness.

The book’s first chapter is titled: “Everything is becoming Science Fiction.” We may disagree with some of the predictions, but this is fun stuff; $28 from For Star Trek fans this is all old hat. That’s a digitally printed old hat.

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