never forgottenOne of our best friends passed away recently, and we were reminded of the digital afterlife: Facebook accounts and email that just keeps going.

Fortunately, there’s a form on Facebook that lets you memorialize a person’s account. That way, other people won’t get requests to “friend” the dead person. To find the form, do a search on the words “Facebook Memorialization Request,” or click here. You’re asked to provide a link to their “Timeline.” Just search on the person’s name while you’re in Facebook and click “Timeline.” Then highlight the web address with your mouse, and use the copy command (hold down the “Ctrl” button and tap the letter C) to copy it. For the Mac, use the “Cmd” button.

If you’d like to download the deceased person’s photo collection and data, go to Facebook.com/settings and click “download a copy of your data.”

For information about closing down Gmail, do a search on the words “Google Inactive Account Manager,” or click here.  For other accounts, you can find info in the book “Your Digital Afterlife,” by Evan Carroll and John Romano.

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