followusontwitterWe recently explained what they call a “hashtag” on Twitter: It looks like this: “#.” It’s used to organize and navigate your way around Twitter. Typing #BillGates when you’re logged into Twitter, for example, takes you to Gates’ Twitter page. A reader wrote in to say he loved the explanation, but what about the “@” on Twitter?

The “@” is used when you’re replying to someone else’s post. Click the reply icon and Twitter fills in the @ along with the person’s Twitter name. You can also use “@” when you want to reference someone or something. For example: Suppose you write something about physics and want to credit an article in Scientific American. The magazine’s Twitter name is “sciam.” So to reference them, you would simply add “@sciam” to your post.

Our Twitter handle is “oncomp.” So Joy’s nephew tweeted: “@oncomp “Thanks for the smoothie #vitamix.” In plain English, we got him a Vitamix blender for a graduation present so he was saying thanks and then referencing smoothie recipes on their home page.

There are great tutorials on Twitter, LinkedIn and other services at The site isn’t free, but you can get a free trial.


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