GPS PawTrack collarThere’s a new version of “PawTrack,” for monitoring your kitty. It’s a GPS collar that keeps tabs on tabby. The collar is $125 and the service is $10 a month. It lets you know when your furry purry returns home, when it sleeps and where it goes when it roams the neighborhood. The new version is due in November.

But you may want to re-think the need to let your cat outdoors. We Googled the words “dangers of letting cats outside,” and found a list of potential problems, including ticks and fleas, car accidents, poison and cat fights. Outdoor cats live on average four to five years, we learned, while indoor cats live 12 to 15, with some living as long as 20 years. On the other hand, maybe a short eventful life is best.

(Bob says it has been experience of many years as a newspaperman, that articles about cats draws more readers than any other subject except movie star scandals.)

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  1. great Post, KittyKit is thinking of selling Tracked collars.