TABLOPublishing your book on the Kindle or the iPad is free and open to anyone, but the steps involved can be tricky. A company called “Tablo” will do it for you.

Tablo is new to the field and charges $8 a month to publish to the iPad and Kindle, but you can use the service for free until you’re ready to publish. They assign the “ISBN” number and handle the technical parts. All you have to do is upload a Word document.

You can restrict your book to a group of friends and password protect your profile. Whatever you get for selling your book, you keep 100 percent. For $16 a month, you can publish three books, and list them as available to “pre-order.” This means you don’t have to finish them to start selling them. For $30 a month, the book can be published by whatever company name you choose, rather than Tablo.

There are also books on this subject, like “Publishing e-Books for Dummies,” and Amazon itself has instructions on how to format your book and send it to them ready to list.

Tablo is a bit tricky to find. You can Google “Tablo Publishing,” or go to Tablo.IO. (That stands for Indian Ocean.) The service currently has 10,000 authors from over 100 countries.

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