FliporaMost people find good websites through social networking sites. The six most popular are Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Pinterest, Digg and LinkedIn. The seventh, Flipora, is one we’d never heard of till they announced a new version.

The new Flipora 2.0 analyzes your Facebook posts to recommend topics for you, and as you browse the web, it gets to know you better. If you install the free browser extension, you get frequent pop-ups recommending a website based on your recent searches. Otherwise, you can go to for recommendations.

Some of these suggestions are good: We were looking at El Greco’s famous painting: “A View of Toledo” (Spain), when a link popped up telling us to look at Andy Warhol’s lost (and recently rediscovered) computer art. Not bad. We also watched a great video on government corruption. But many recommendations are out of date and uninteresting. Joy likes economics but wasn’t interested in two year-old forecasts of bank closings in India or the country’s 2012 tax policy. We suspect many or most of Flipora’s 30 million users are in India.

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