portrait-pro before-shot


portrait-pro after shot


When you see an older celebrity pictured in a magazine and looking 20 years younger, you can’t help wondering if some trick is involved. Well it is, and we’ve discovered a way for anybody to do it. (No, it’s not botox.)

It’s a $50 program called “Portrait Pro,” from PortraitPro.com. Take any photo in the computer and let the program work its magic for a few seconds. The results in Joy’s case were so stunning, she is reluctant to accept her old look. She will only walk outside now with the new “Portrait Pro” photo pasted on her face. (This has caused some comment.)

You can see examples of before and after photos on their website. When you see it you would think they must have done something that you won’t be able to imitate. But this thing is magic and dead simple to use. (By the way, it’s not really magic: Bob looked the same before and after. Sigh.)

To start, open a photo in your computer. The program draws lines around facial features. Adjust the lines if you wish, but we found it unnecessary. Just click on “male,” “female” or child and click “next.” That’s it. It saves under a new name, keeping the original. The program slims faces, enhances skin, changes the lighting, and integrates with Facebook. It all happens as fast as you can snap your fingers. There’s also an advanced version that works inside Photoshop or as a standalone, handles more image formats and can improves batches of photos at once.

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