google glassSo the one-day sale Of Google’s Internet connected glasses resulted in one-day thefts. They all sold out in five hours, at $1500 apiece. The thefts took place a few minutes later. (They look like glasses but Google calls them “glass.” This may be in preparation for the return of wearing a monocle as a fashion statement.)

Now we would think that anyone who steals Google’s new high-tech glasses would be a prime candidate for a class in remedial robbery. Because they’re all registered and need to connect to the Internet. So as soon as the thief connects, it’s “Hi, there” time.

Where’s the Copy?

Okay, enough of that.  Joy did something recently that might be useful for others. It has nothing to do with Google Glass.

Bob wanted to look at a copy of our weekly column to check twice for errors before it went out. “I’ll put it on a thumb drive (some people call them flash drives) and leave it by your keyboard,” she said.

Now we have many of these little drives; they’re cheap and often they’re given away at trade shows. We must have a couple dozen.

So to get to the point … The column wasn’t on the thumb drive by Bob’s keyboard. And it wasn’t on another one nearby and it wasn’t on any of the other little thumb drives that litter the office. Where was it? It turned out that without checking the destination drive, she saved it to a camera card.

Who would have looked there? If you ever want to save a file to a place no one would think of looking, why not save it to a camera card? You could even put the card back in the camera and walk out the door, snapping the guard’s picture as you go. Tell him you’ll send him a copy.

We would now like every spy agency in the world to send us a check for learning about this clever trick. If they get caught, well those are the breaks.

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