freemake youtube to mp3It’s easier than ever to fill up a portable device with music to take on the road. A free Windows program called “FreeMake YouTube MP3 Converter” can collect music and voice from any YouTube video. This lets you make your own playlist from favorite movie scenes and concerts. You might also want to take up dialogue from great movie moments.

We think there’s nothing better than the blues and jazz from the movie, “The Blues Brothers.”  So we tested FreeMake by pulling a couple of the best scenes from that movie (they’re all great) into our computer. The program quickly and easily converted the music to digital. We picked up some voice along the way as well, getting a few seconds of Ray Charles before he went into his piano rendition of “Shake a Tail Feather.” Then we collected Aretha Franklin singing “Respect,” from the same movie.

Warning: During installation, be sure to click on “custom” and then uncheck boxes for any extras it wants to install. This is stuff you would not normally want to have since it just gunks up your computer. You’ll actually have to click “custom” twice to be sure you’re not getting unwanted junk. The only box we left checked was the one that created an icon for our desktop, to make finding the program easier.

The program has over 100 million users, but we found their “Freemake YouTube Downloader,” another free program, even handier. Though it’s illegal to download YouTube videos for commercial use, saving them for your own enjoyment seems harmless. And for some frosting on the cake: the program strips out ads.

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