seagate centralWhen we wrote about online backup from Backup Blaze, we heard from readers who said they couldn’t possibly use an online service. They have too much stuff to back up, like movie and photo collections taking up a terabyte or more. So we turned to “Seagate Central.”

Seagate Central has “Central” in its name because it backs up all your Mac and Windows computers to one huge drive for easy recovery. It also can beam photos, movies and video to your smart TV.  Discounter’s prices starts at $130 for two terabytes and go up to $220 for four terabytes.

As we’ve mentioned before, a terabyte is an enormous amount of digital storage – a thousand gigabytes, a million megabytes – enough to store two to three million regular books or 1300 movies. That’ll keep you busy over the weekend.

We tried using the drive to show videos on our TV. They came up in a small square in the center of the TV; they were bigger on our computer. Seagate says the device is popular with folks who have big music collections. They use it most often with the expensive “Sonos” speakers. (By the way, Sonos speakers now start at  $200 from discounters.)

Another feature of Seagate Central: It automatically backs up your Facebook and Flickr photos. (Did you know that 208,300 photos are uploaded to Facebook every minute?) Finally, Seagate offers free phone tech support for as long as you own the drive, even when it’s out of warranty.

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