the pocket plugAt the racetrack the other day, we were amazed to see someone with the same Android phone case we had. It reads “Keep Calm and Carry On,” advice from Winston Churchill during World War II, but applicable to many situations.

If we didn’t like that one so much, we’d be tempted by the new PocketPlug case: The PocketPlug is for iPhone only and is a case with a retractable plug. Instead of having to remember to carry a cable, you can plug your iPhone into the wall. It also has a micro USB slot, in case you do have a cable with you and a place to plug in other than a wall outlet. It’s $60 to $70 from goprong.com.

We use our car’s cigarette lighter socket for charging phones. Instead of talking while you’re driving, charge ahead. You can buy these cigarette light plug-ins real cheap. We found one for $3 on Amazon.

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