icloudApple is offering “iWork,” a program group similar to Microsoft Office. It’s free for Windows and Mac, It’s available but still in beta testing. What does that mean? Might have some bugs. Probably.

To get it you first sign up for an “iCloud” account. Search the web on the words “iCloud setup” and the instructions come right up. Once it’s set up, you get a word processor, spreadsheet and presentation software similar to PowerPoint.

The word processing program is called “Pages,” and it’s beautifully done. Everything you create takes place online, but you can drag and drop documents from Microsoft Word into Pages. We like the templates for resumes, invitations, projects and letters. The PowerPoint-style templates in the “Keynote” program are great too.

On an iPad, iPod Touch or iPhone, you can tap “Settings” and look for “iCloud” to use it to for backup. We set it up on an iPad and it automatically started backing up our iPod Touch too.

A really neat trick at is its ability to locate any Apple devices. Click on “find my iPhone” for example, and it looks for all devices using Apple’s iOS operating system. It pinpointed our home on a map and listed our two iPods, an iPad, and a Macbook Air. Unfortunately, we can’t remember where we put that extra iPod; it’s around here somewhere.

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