Online TV is on. has announced six new pilot programs, leading off with “Alpha House,” starring John Goodman. It was created by Gary Trudeau, the creator of the Doonesbury comic strip. Alpha House is about four senators who rent a house together. Viewers will get to vote on whether this program or one of the five others becomes a full series.

The other candidates are comedies as well. They include “Browsers,” a musical, “Dark Minions,” a sci-fi story about slackers, written by two stars of the “Big Bang Theory,” “Supanatural,” (sic) a comedy in which earthlings fight back against alien supernatural,  “Those Who Can’t,'” about misfit teachers, and “The Onion Presents The News.” Amazon is also planning several children’s series.

We tried “House of Cards,” the most watched series on Netflix. It got Bob’s famous “B-B” rating: “Beyond Boring.”

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