Tech writers have been praising the new “all in one” Windows 8 machines from companies like Hewlett Packard, Vizio and Apple. These are desktop computers with giant screens all in one unit. It’s quite compact because the computer part is integrated into the screen or its stand. There’s one problem: At $1300 and up, the new ones with Windows 8 or the latest Mac operating system are nearly twice as expensive as the equivalent Windows 7 all-in-one available on Amazon.

Our friend Nancy purchased the HP 23-1030 for $600 a few weeks ago, though it temporarily shot up to $800.  Its 23-inch screen is the biggest we’ve seen, making it look more like a TV.  In fact, it has a TV tuner to bring in broadcast channels, record them and pause live TV. It’s also powerful, with six gigabytes of RAM and a terabyte worth of hard drive storage. It comes with a free version of Microsoft Word and a wireless keyboard and mouse.  It also has a webcam, DVD player and camera card reader.

While shopping at Amazon, our friend also got a three year-warranty from Square Trade for $71. Since so many people have been telling us of hard-drive failures lately, this isn’t a bad idea.


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