We lose keys and TV remotes constantly. With SticknFind, you could put a Bluetooth sticker on something and then page it.

Unfortunately, this handy little bit of tech is not on the market yet. But SticknFind has raised $734,000 on IndieGogo, a crowd-funding site; their initial goal was only $70,000. At, you can pre-order 3 units for $70, to be delivered in March.

Here’s how it works: A small adhesive sticker with enclosed electronics is pressed onto whatever you may have trouble finding from time to time. When you need to find it – whatever it is – you “page” the missing item.  The sticker can be set to either light up, make a sound, or both. The range is 100 feet. The sticker is about the size of a quarter and only slightly thicker; the battery lasts for a year. Place it on your kids’ shoes, on their backpack or on Granny’s purse. Using an iPhone or Android app, you can see how close your items are as you walk around with the phone. As you get warmer, you’ll see the item closer to you on a radar chart. If you still can’t find it, set an alert. Your phone will notify you when you’re in range. This is especially handy at the airport for suitcases on a conveyer belt. Your suitcase will alert you when it’s nearby. You can also set the SticknFind to alert you when the object in question gets farther away — handy if your child wanders off.

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