The “doxie one” is a portable scanner that needs no computer. Push a button and your piece of paper is digitized and saved to an SD memory card. The device sells for $149 and it can also save the scan directly to the web. The “doxie go” sells for $50 more and runs on a battery.

Load the software that comes with it directly into your computer. An app syncs your scanned documents with an iPad, Mac or PC and makes them searchable. That’s a key issue. Because normally, a scanned document is just an image of whatever you scanned and cannot be searched or edited.

What reads the document you scanned is a program called Abbyy Fine Reader, a Russian character recognition program we have tried several times over the past few years and it is excellent. This comes included on the disk. Abbyy reads scanned documents and makes them searchable. (Oddly enough, if you were to buy the full version of Abbyy Fine Reader, it would cost $30 more than this scanner with its software.)

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