After we wrote about smartphone apps for small jobs, a reader living on a retirement income asked about apps that don’t require a smartphone. He was especially interested in “mystery shopper” jobs at retirement communities, because they pay well, and only ask that you pretend to be a customer.

The websites and have links to hundreds of these kinds of jobs, but as always, you have to beware of scams. Never accept a job that requires a deposit. MysteryShop claims their members are all legit, but we found one link on their site that looked questionable. Scams abound. Remember: even paranoids are right sometimes.

Here are a few other ways to go:

  • There are data entry, processing and transcription jobs at At first glance it looks like they’re all jobs for programmers, but quite a few just need people to enter data. These are not aimed only at retirees; anyone can apply.
  • awards points to be redeemed for cash and small prizes when you fill out political and consumer product surveys. These things are addicting.  But be forewarned: You can easily spend hours to earn $15. Again, these are open to everyone.
  • links to a book aimed at helping those over 50 find a job.

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