The Google Activity Dashboard shows you how many searches you’ve done, how many Gmails you’ve sent, where you sent them from, and what platforms you’ve been using (Windows, Mac, Android, iPad, etc).

This can be helpful if you’re worried someone’s hacked into your account. If it shows you’ve been sending emails from Russia, for example, you may have lost control of your account. (Duh.)

Everything looked hunky-dory in our accounts. Joy discovered she’d received thousands more emails than she’d sent, and that didn’t count junk mail. It also told her who her most frequent correspondents were, and detailed the gadgets she used: Android, Apple and Windows. It reported that the most popular video she’d uploaded to YouTube was one Bob took of her “improv” comedy class. (Class is good, video very amateurish.) Go to to see your own report of what came in and went out.

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