Here’s how we get hung-up: You have an important email message to send. So you go to your email program and are just about to send it, when … you see all these enticing messages waiting for your attention. Twenty minutes later, you think to yourself: “Just what was that message I had to send?”

Joy says this happens to her all the time. Now there’s a program that helps with that, but it’s for the Mac. It’s called “QuickMailer” and what it does is let you send an email without opening your email program first. It starts by placing a stamp icon on the Mac’s menu bar. Click the stamp and you’ll see a place to type in the recipient’s email address, the subject and the message. If you get distracted in the middle of writing the message, you can switch to another task and the email will still be there when you get back. The program is 99 cents in the Mac App store.

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