Joy’s sister holds up her iPad to take pictures, which is kind of awkward.  A new $60 seven megapixel “Disney iPad Camera,” plugs into the Apple iPad, which then collects the photos.

This thing fits in the palm of your hand and absolutely defines cute. With Mickey or Minnie Mouse on the case, it is definitely set to please. The camera packs a surprising number of features, such as adjustable picture resolution, and works with a free editing app. We found it at Walmart and online at B&H Photo.

Though the $60 price seems reasonable for a cute camera like this, there is a catch to it. Since it only connects to the iPad, which costs around $500, it’s really a $560 camera. One critic pointed out that you can get good digital cameras for $100, and you could give that to a child or young person and they would be able to plug it into almost any device to unload and view the photos. So to use the new Disney Camera you should already have an iPad, or at least be on the verge of buying one.

By the way, needing the right connector to plug into the iPad can be gotten around by buying a $30 “Camera Connection Kit” from the Apple store. This lets you transfer photos from almost any digital camera.

But back to the camera … The free Disney Pix editing software that you download at the iTunes app store lets you add Donald Duck and other Disney characters to your photos, as well as Disney photo frames and other fun stuff. Photo editing is easy but basic: you can flip the image or crop it. We loved it.  The app can be used with any photos.

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