You just got a new Kindle Fire or Android tablet for Christmas. What apps might you consider first?

  • Any.DO is the web site for a free to-do list that includes voice recognition. Tell it to remember to get some milk and it stores that to your list. It also listens and captures any other task you need to do. You can collaborate with others in creating a list of tasks or objectives.  It’s available on Android tablets and phones and is coming “soon” to the iPhone, iPad and the web. (When we signed up, there were 18,485 people ahead of us on the waiting list.)
  • “Skitch” lets you add comments and sketches to a photograph. (Also available on the iPad.)
  • Price Check compares a store’s price with Amazon’s and has links to movie trailers and reviews. This will stop a lot of in-store purchases, and stores are already protesting. We’ve done this kind of check a lot, and it’s worth noting that Amazon does not always have the lowest price.

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