iTwin Private Cloud

Storing information on the Internet makes some people nervous. It makes us nervous too. So how about having a private cloud?

A “cloud” in computer talk is a storage place for information. Commercial ones for corporations and government tend to be huge. The “my-Ditto” is a book-sized box that can act as your own private cloud. It can handle up to four terabytes of storage if you pay $370 for the maximum capacity. Less capacity costs appropriately less. It has its own Internet address, which means you can access it from any device that can connect to the Internet.

Four terabytes is a lot of storage, more than 4,000 gigabytes. For comparison, our laptop holds 219 gigabytes which is less than a fourth of a terabyte, and we’ve never filled it up. The my-Ditto storage drive comes with a coded USB key. Instead of taking the box with you, which would be fairly heavy and mildly bulky, just take the key. When you plug that key into another computer it provides access to the box back home. Or use the my-Ditto iPhone/iPad app. You set your own user name and password.

My-Ditto, works with Windows or Mac and won an award at MacWorld 2011. If you supply the disk drives, my-Ditto sells for $110, otherwise, it starts at $150 for 500 gigabytes. (Note: In nearly any remote storage device of this type, you can supply your own disk drives to go inside it; they should be SATA drives.)
A similar device is called the iTwin, and won an award from Popular Science magazine. It can set up a connection between two computers, wherever they are, when a coded USB key is plugged into each one and they’re both connected to the Internet.

As files move between the two computers, they are encrypted. The iTwin is $99 and can access whatever you have on two computer hard drives plus any attached extra storage. However, unlike my-Ditto, both computers must be on. Another difference (which strikes us as minor), is that iTwin can’t stream data to an Xbox or Playstation, but my-Ditto can.


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