Here are some nice tips and tricks from ZDNET. For the whole list you can go to

  •  Lots of Clocks: Now when we click the time indicator in the right-hand corner of our screen, we see our time and the time inSpain where our nephew is an exchange student. To add more clocks, click the time, click on “change date and time.” Then click the “additional clocks” tab.
  • Annoying Sounds: Does your computer make annoying sounds? If it’s not a virus, it’s probably your system sounds. Click the picture of a speaker in the lower right corner of your screen. Then click “mixer” and lower the bar under “system sounds.”
  • Quick Launch: To fire up Internet Explorer in a flash, hold down the “Windows” key (it looks like a flag) and hit the “one” key. This only works of course if the Internet Explorer icon is in the first position on your taskbar. Otherwise it will fire up whatever is in position one. We have Windows Media Player in the second position, so holding down the Windows key and typing a two launches our music collection. And so on.
  • Save Energy: Click “Control Panel,” “Hardware and Sound” and “Power Options” to save energy. You can put your computer into sleep mode after it’s idle for a few minutes.

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