Bokeh is a program from Alien Skin for making special effects on photos, but you need Photoshop, Photoshop Elements or Light Rain to use it.

We don’t do much photo editing so we gave our Photoshop Elements away some time ago, but we were thinking about buying the new version just so we could use Bokeh. Then we read the reviews at Amazon.com. People are saying that the old version is almost as expensive as the new, signaling high demand for the old.

Newer isn’t always better, and this is true of many programs. One user commented that Photoshop Elements appeared to reach its peak in Version 3. Most user comments say the newer versions are too complicated. A marked complaint was that the later versions display tiny type on a black background. Even people with excellent eyesight complained about straining to read it and urged people not to buy the program until Adobe fixes it. We noticed they haven’t fixed it and it’s been out for 14 months. Why do companies sometimes gunk up a nice program and make it worse in new versions? Why to sell new product, of course.

Meanwhile, back to Bokeh, which lets you do things like focus attention on a person in a photo while blurring the background or simulate fast action without the use of a special lens.  Check out their gallery at Alienskin.com.

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