LOL OMG Book“LOL…OMG!,” by Matt Ivester, $11 from Amazon.

LOL is texting shorthand for Laughing Out Loud; OMG is a common abbreviation for Oh My God or Oh My Gosh. You see them all the time in phone messages and social networking.

It’s ironic that the founder of the website “, “(a site since taken down), has now written a book warning of the dangers of social networking. The book is aimed at high school and college students but has good lessons for anyone.

Some of the consequences of online behavior: A junior at UCLA dropped out of school and received death threats after his YouTube post described Asians at the library. A freshman at Rutgers is facing criminal charges after his roommate reacted to a video by jumping off a bridge.

The book motivated us to purchase a couple of new domain names, and, both of which steer you to our main website. The author says most people should own a website in their name, just to prevent someone else from getting it.

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