KeekThis is a really easy way to post video to Facebook and Twitter, or to send video email to friends: It’s called “Keek” and it’s free.

“Keeks” are 36-second videos you take with your computer’s webcam, iPhone or Android device. After “keeking,” you have options to send your movie by email or post it to a social networking site. Your videos can stay on your page at so they form a history of what you’ve been up to. (That’s if you want anybody to know what you’ve been up to.)

Obvious pix would be the baby’s first steps, a pet chasing its tail, and views from your trip. You can follow videos from people you like and be notified when they post new ones. Videos can also be posted to your own website.

We had a follower within seconds of signing up and doing 36 seconds of office antics. We then looked at her video, in which two of her large finger rings had a conversation with each other. We made a text comment about our follower’s first video, but could have made our remarks with video.

One thing bothers us. When we clicked the Facebook and Gmail links on Keek, it automatically slugged in an invitation that went out to thousands of friends. Later, on Facebook, we saw a post that said “These videos are so addicting!” It sounded like spam rather than a real invitation. We mentioned it to our Keek contact, but the geek was out and we got no response. Some people won’t talk to us.

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