Leader ImpressionAmazon is rumored to be coming out with their own tablet computer in the next several months, and naturally it’s expected to be hot stuff. How hot can it be? If you don’t feel like waiting, here are a couple of newbies out now.

You can get the Vizio tablet for $285, and we did. The Impression 10 sold for $249 on the Home Shopping Network before it sold out, and it has a larger screen. The Impression is the same size as an iPad, 9.7 inches, compared to the Vizio’s eight inches, and uses the same technology as the iPad to get a crisp, clear picture. Like all Android tablets, and unlike the iPad, the Impression has no problem playing Flash video. This is great if you watch a lot of video outside of YouTube. It also has more connection ports than the Vizio: two full-size USB ports, one mini USB port, and one mini HDMI port for connecting to high-definition TVs. Since it has an older version of the Android operating system, however, there aren’t as many apps available.

Good luck finding the Impression, however. As we mentioned, the Home Shopping Network sold out, and we couldn’t find it elsewhere online, though Kmart is supposed to have it. You can read more about it at

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