Optibook ScannerWant to digitize your comic books, textbooks and rare books without breaking their backs? Plustek has come out with the OpticBook 3800. We found it offered for $250-$280 on the web.

Often the point of digitizing any book or document is to make it searchable. The new scanner produces copies that are PDFs. This means the scanned pages retain all of their original look and can be searched for key words. The files can be opened on any type of computer, as well as iPads and most mobile devices.

The OpticBook’s strength is its ability to scan without getting any book spine shadow or distorted text. The resolution can go up to 1200 dots per inch (dpi), but that slows everything down. Dropping the resolution down to 300 dpi can scan a letter size page in color in seven seconds. This is sharp enough to get clear text from almost any document. Then we can finally get to read Superman Comic, number one.)

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