Amazon Local

The Groupon competition has gotten so bad that competitors are springing up like weeds. If you just tuned in, Groupon is a website that offers daily discounts on just about anything. It’s been very popular with shoppers looking for deals. So popular, in fact, that web giant, Amazon, has decided to get into the act. Their new service is called “Amazon Local” and you can find it at

The pitch is that Amazon Local will present special deals near the viewer’s location. However, their only location so far is Boise, Idaho. We doubt this is making Groupon tremble. Not that we have anything against Boise we know people in Boise, nice people. We asked one of them if he would try Amazon Local and report back. “Works great,” he said; “got good concert tickets for $10.” If you sign up for Amazon Local now, they’ll let you know when your location is in their universe.

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