When it comes to high-speed Internet service, is cable faster than DSL?

dsl surfer

That’s like asking which is faster, a Honda or a Toyota. Either DSL or cable might be faster, depending on what you’re service you’re paying for and how the company happens to be running its network in your area.

Our DSL Internet service used to come in slower than a tax refund because our apartment building had “shared connections.” That meant that if a lot of the grad students in our building were streaming movies, which they’re inclined to do, our service slowed to a crawl. The building recently switched to AT&T Uverse, however, and although it took the AT&T guys more than two weeks to get it working, we now have our very own connection. It’s ten times faster.

Other factors can affect your browsing speed: There may be a “bad guy” program on your machine. To find out, get Microsoft’s free malicious software removal tool. You can get it at If they can identify the culprit but can’t remove it, do a web search on the name of the program; there will be people out there who have dealt with the problem before.

You might have a real old web browser. Don’t be embarrassed, we were at a deluxe Hilton in Indianapolis recently and they were still using version 6 of Internet Explorer, which is considered unsafe. The latest version is “9.” To update, choose “tools” and then “Windows update.”

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