You’ve got a loan document, a spreadsheet, an illustration, and a complex diagram — and you want to email them all to a client who doesn’t have the programs that would open those. “PDF Fusion” is a new $70 product from Corel that lets you put them all into one PDF.

Corel is a heavy hitter in the word processing world. Their “WordPerfect” is the main competitor to “Microsoft Word” and has long been a favorite among lawyers. Their graphics program, “CorelDraw” is big in illustrations and charts. And now, we were sort of awed by their new “PDF Fusion.” We have used a similar product, PaperPort, which has been around for more than a decade, but Fusion goes a lot further and is simpler to use. On top of which, it’s far less expensive than its most likely competitor, Adobe Acrobat, which costs $275 and up, depending on the version.

You start PDF Fusion by opening each file you want to add to the email package. The program lets you open files in 100 different formats, whether or not you have the programs that created them. This alone would be a big boon to almost anyone lost in today’s maze of different file formats. Drag and drop whatever files you want into the “assembly” area and they become part of the package. You can add hyperlinks to individual pages, black out (“redact”) certain sections, change the text and so on.

The program includes a Corel “print driver.” Try this with any oddball program you happen to have around. When you click the “print” command, choose Corel PDF Fusion from the menu, and voila, it turns into a PDF that anyone can open. There’s a 30-day free trial at

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