Talk about a jazzy resume. The ones we saw at Mashable, a leading tech blog, would blow you away. You can see them at on.mash.to/2jobs. If you’re not applying for a whiz bang graphics job, however, you probably don’t need anything that colorful. For a standard resume, we like the ones in the new version of “Resume Deluxe” from WinWay.com.

We started by filling in a few key words about the type of job we were hypothetically looking for, and the program gave us a sample resume to edit. (There are over 14,000 sample resumes and 400 cover letters.) Next we clicked “jobs,” typed “writer, journalist, editor,” and saw over a thousand job listings from just from one state. A few were a bit off the mark: “surgeon” and “receptionist.” (I’m not really a surgeon but I can play one in this resume.) Still, it was handyResume Deluxe to see the whole list without leaving the program, and they all had links to further info online. If we’d actually wanted to post a resume, clicking “post” would bring up links to 15 leading job sites.

The program goes beyond resume building and lets you prepare for interviews through video tutorials. (We always hated the question: “Where do you see yourself in 10 years?”) Click “salary” to learn how to negotiate the best wage. Under the “Resources” tab, there are links to government jobs, science jobs, hotel jobs, “the green economy,” “work at home” and so on. The program is $30 as a download from WinWay.com or $40 for a boxed copy.

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