One of the free apps at Spoon.net

If you want to try out a program without installing it, the place to go is Spoon.net. It asks you to install a small plug in, but after that you can run hundreds of apps without installing anything further. Our number one go-to tech guy says it’s “fantastic.”

Many of the apps are free, even very large ones, like “OpenOffice,” a free competitor of Microsoft Word. There are dozens of categories to select from, like “Education,” “Home and Hobbies.” We saw a free auction bidding tool and a nice program for making your own music. Only a few games are free, but they all have free trials. We played a half hour of “1001 Nights: The Adventures of Sinbad.” It wasn’t great compared to the games we’ve found at iplay.com, but at least you haven’t installed anything if you don’t like it you can move on.

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