The 2011 Ojo

The Ojo video phone looks like a traditional landline phone, except it has a screen so you can see the person you’re talking to.

The old Ojo from 2006

To make a video call with the Ojo, the other person has to have an Ojo too. Most people use Skype for video calls, but the Ojo is handy if you don’t want to sit in front of a computer. You can have it in a kitchen, bedroom or wherever.

When we first wrote about it almost four years ago, it was $349. Now it’s $150, plus $30 a month for unlimited calls to the U.S. and Canada.

We use the Vonage Internet phone service with a traditional desk-type phone, paying $18 a month (plus $11 in taxes and fees) for 500 minutes, and no video. Their World Plan is similarly priced to the Ojo at $26 a month, but you don’t get video. What you do get is unlimited calling to 60 countries. Their “pro” plan adds software you can use on your laptop, to make or receive calls from your home number in five countries.

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