“Facebook Messages” is being touted as a Gmail killer. It’s a new way to get email, text messages, and chat all in one place. Everyone who signs up will also get a new address ending in “”

The idea is that you have people in your life, like teenagers, who only use text messaging. And there are others who only use email. You want to send them all notes without worrying about who uses what format, and you want to send those notes only to your friends or colleagues.

Excluding people can cause problems of course, so the new Facebook Messages will have a way to elevate someone like Grandma, who isn’t on Facebook, to a person whose messages you will accept.  Messages from unknown senders and bulk distributors go into an “other” folder, which you can peruse when you have more time – in the way distant future.

You’ll be able to send attachments, just as with regular email, and your whole interaction with a person will be collected in one place, whether you’ve been chatting, text messaging or emailing. For now, the use of Facebook Messages is by invitation only. You can sign up for your invitation at

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