A cute comic book from the folks at Google Chrome is an online book about the web. The opening page introduces these topics:

“What’s a cookie?”

“How do I protect myself on the web?”

“What happens if a truck runs over my laptop?”

The comic book heavily promotes “cloud computing:” having your data, email and apps stored online. That way, if something happens to your computer, you haven’t lost anything important.

We think the first few pages of this 61-page book are too techy for anyone but a budding programmer, and aren’t explained that well, but if you flip past anything that bores you, you get good tips. Here’s one: Go to to explore alternatives to Internet Explorer and Firefox web browsers. And be sure yours is up to date. An old browser makes your computer vulnerable. Google Chrome checks for updates automatically so you don’t have to worry about them if you use it to browse the web.

Here’s another tip: Learn to spot a legitimate website, like Illegitimate ones often have something between the name of the business and the “dot com” part. Here are examples:, or The Chrome browser sometimes puts the web address in red if it’s unsafe. ¬†One time, we didn’t notice the red part when we typed in and were whisked away to a phishing site, instead of American Airlines.

Get the comic at

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