There are many ways to shorten a URL, which is an Internet address. Some of those addresses can be outrageously long — we’ve seen them as long as a hundred characters – and the longer they are, the greater the chance of a typing error. In fact, many malware web sites are set up with addresses that are close to frequently used addresses just so they can take advantage of typing mistakes; make a mistake and you’re zipped away to somewhere bad.

We’ve used, and to create shortened addresses for use in our column. But is the handiest if you have several things you want to share at once. At Bridge URL, you can assign them all to one web address. When someone goes to that address, the whole group becomes available as a series of web sites one after the other.

Possible uses: Well, off the top of our head, a photographer might want to show off their best photos from several web locations but under one link. We just used BridgeURL to paste together ten links to recent columns. They’re at

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