The Road to Ronda

Mapquest Atlas is a great new site for armchair travelers and adventurers. Click on the map and you immediately drill down into articles with photo slideshows.

The world map is green where there are forests. You’ll notice that the middle of Africa is green, the top and bottom isn’t. Russia is all green. The western U.S. is mainly brown.

We clicked on Spain and got a marvelous tour of the country through dozens of ¬†photos. The photos come up fast and overlay the website, so you don’t have to leave the page you were on. Just click the “x” in the corner and you’re back where you were.

The site is like a country factbook with information on population, government, religion, the economy, transportation and more.On the main page, you get facts in brief: the current temperature, time, population, area, currency and language.

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