What’s cuter than a talking dog? Maybe a talking cat. Or a talking baby.

“CrazyTalk” from lets you take a photo and add the kind of facial movements that accompany someone talking. The eyes blink, the mouth opens and shuts, and it looks pretty much like the head is talking.

The standard software is $50 from from A new webcam from Genius, the eFace 2025 for Windows or Mac, comes with a professional version of the software for a combined price of $60. It has more features than we have room for, but you can see them all in a video tutorial at

You can change the appearance of your own face, making it thinner, fatter, angry or happy, etc.  You can add speech bubbles or drawings. If you’re making an instructional video, you could circle something to get the viewer’s attention.  The software also lets you share live desktop activity.  A click of a button puts it all on YouTube.

An alternative is the new YouCam 4 from Cyberlink.  One of its cool new features is the ability to incorporate 3D objects into a webcam video. In one of their examples, someone appears to be presenting a ring to you, the viewer, and it looks like the ring is coming at you.  The new version also has a lighting feature that improves how you look onscreen.

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