If you have old computer games that won’t play on your new machine, there may be a fix. For classic games, like Monkey Island, Loom, Indiana Jones, Backyard Baseball, Fatty Bear’s Birthday Surprise, Putt Putt Joins the Circus, and many others, go to scummvm.org.  (The odd name “ScummVM” stands for “Script Creation Utility for Maniac Mansion Virtual Machine,” a reference to a very popular game of old.)

You can download the latest version of a free program called “ScummVM.” Click the “frequently asked questions” (FAQ) link and see if the game you want to play is somewhere in their lists. It will tell you how to copy over the data files from your game’s CDs. Then run the ScummVM program.

How this works:  ScummVM replaces the “executable” file, the “.exe” file originally shipped with the games, and allows you to play them on later systems.

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