Groups left and right are fighting Google’s decision to support “net neutrality” for wired but not wireless communications.

Wikipedia defines net neutrality in a way that makes it sound like the main issue is allowing companies to charge heavy users of the Internet more than light users.

But Gene, one of our faithful readers, points out:

The bigger issue is that the providers could slow to a crawl any group they don’t like for political or religious issues. They could and can slow traffic from their competitors.”


  1. ISPs have been censoring groups. The censored group was NARL. No matter which side of the abortion debate you are on, it’s the bigger issue of an ISP can censor ANY group they don’t agree with. I live in KS where Rev. Phelps is. I find his funeral protests disgusting, but I have to defend his 1st amendment rights.I understanding paying a premium for people who download/upload mega volumes, but to censor any group is wrong.