Zdnet.com noted six things about the iPad that make them sell like hotcakes (or flapjacks, if you’re Canadian):

  • It instantly turns on. How annoying it is to wait while Windows powers up.
  • All the apps come from one place, the app store. How easy.
  • It’s dead simple. Just tap on a picture of something to use it or install it.
  • Most users consume, not create stuff. They don’t need all the complicated features regular computers have.
  • It’s very light. You don’t need a laptop bag.
  • Ten hours of battery life.

The bad news: If you have a slow wireless connection, which we do, you’ll notice that websites don’t open as fast as they do with a wired machine. And using the 3G system made for cell phones is even slower.

Many games aren’t easy to play on a tablet. We tried Monkey Island for the iPad and thought it was poor compared to the PC or Mac version. Also, the iPad screen isn’t as easy on the eyes as the Amazon Kindle, and if you’re using it as an e-Reader, it starts to get heavy.

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