The “to-do” list service at is making us more productive.  We can view tasks by deadline, see who assigned them, (It’s always Joy, since Bob carries his tasks in his head.), or view only recently changed items.

You can have tabs across the top of the screen, each for a separate workspace –one for business, personal, etc., and use color labels to group tasks.  You can create a “hot” list and set the program to remind you of things. A free utility lets you keep your to-do list in a Gmail window while you browse the incoming mail. This thing gets pretty fancy.

But what makes the Producteev  different from countless other to-do sites, such as, is that you can also forward a message to it from email or any instant messaging service, whether on computer or cell phones. AOL, Google, Yahoo, Facebook and Twitter all let you send instant messages.

If you receive a message with a task you want to remember, send it to, with a little code attached and it is added to your list. Producteev explains how to do this, but other features remain something of a mystery.  Producteev badly needs a “help” button to figure out all it does and how to do it.  Their tech support is very responsive, however. Producteev is free for individuals and up to three users; larger groups and businesses must pay, the charge depending on their numbers.

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